Sure-Fire Penis Enlargement Techniques Using Only Exercise

If you’re a little insecure about your little monster, then you should seriously consider penis enlargement techniques. Those who feel inferior about their manhood need not despair. There are proven penis exercise methods that can boost penis length. The added height will not only please your partner, it will also give you a newfound confidence to carry out your sexual deeds. And even if you already have a decent-sized member (yeah right!), you can still benefit from these penis exercises.

A Word of Caution

Before we discuss the techniques, we have to warn guys who are interested to apply caution when executing the routines. The penis is a highly-sensitive organ. Certain ligaments and veins could be damaged when doing these exercises to the extreme. And anyone who starts to feel pain should immediately stop what they’re doing, even if it’s just a little pinching sensation. You shouldn’t risk damaging the one organ that can make you feel good.


Jelqing is a time-tested exercise technique to increase penis size. This exercise is done with a semi-erect penis. Be warned that Jelqing should never be done with a fully erect penis (as it may cause some damage and pain). Jelqing is all about increasing the blood flow to the penis. It’s a known fact that the penis becomes bigger when there’s a good amount of blood flowing in it.

To jelq, you have first to prepare your penis. Take a warm shower to get the blood flowing down there. Or apply a warm compress to your shaft. Once warmed up, dab a good amount of lube onto your penis. Work the penis in a semi-erect state and grip the base with your thumb and forefinger firmly (restricting the blood flow). Use your other hand to grip above the other hand. Do a slow, stroking motion to push blood to the head of the penis. Continue for 5 minutes while maintaining your semi-erect state. Discontinue if you get too aroused or if you lose your erection.

Flaccid Stretching

Put the base of your penis in one hand and gently straighten it. Use your other hand to hold the head and pull your penis gently. Release after about 5 seconds of pulling and let it rest for 15 seconds. Do these gentle pulling exercises three more times and you’re done.

Erect Stretching

Get your rod hard from this exercise. Once you’re hard and ready, pull your penis gently to the left and hold it there for 5 seconds. Let go and let it rest for another 5 seconds. Repeat the pulling, but this time — point it at the right. Let it rest again and pull to the center. Make sure that rest times are longer than pull times (about 20 seconds) and that you do at least three repetitions per session.

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Kegel Exercises

This exercise strengthens the PC muscles, or the muscles that control urine flow in the urethra. You are exercising your Kegel or PC muscles when you stop peeing midstream. Having strong PC muscles contributes to added length. At the same time, your orgasms will become more intense. Clench your PC muscles and hold for 10 seconds, release and rest for another 10 seconds. Repeat as often as possible.

Again, we warn all practitioners to be safe when doing these exercises. Don’t overdo them. Your goal is to increase your penis length, and not damage it to point where you render it useless. Do these exercises and see for yourself if your penis indeed gained some added length.

Do you know of other effective penis enlargement techniques that you want to share with us?